Welcome to our Mortgage community to all the new members who have recently seen and liked this page. I am here to help you with your financial goals. First Home Buyers, Investment properties, refinances are what I can do but what I will say is that it brings me great pleasure to stick it to

How would you spend $18,000 if you were to access it today? With interest rates at record lows in Australia, I am often asked by clients how to take advantage of these low rates. If your dream is to pay off your home loan, making additional repayments above the minimum monthly payments can have a

One of the biggest mistakes you could make in relation to your mortgage is to ignore reviewing and evaluating your mortgage every two years. As new lenders and products are released into the mortgage marketplace, the lenders have become fiercely competitive. In a bid to attract borrowers, lenders are continually releasing highly competitive offers, with

Mortgage Brokers can get better deals

The current home loan rates are low. But do you know it is possible to get an even lower rate on your home loan? Do you know what banks don’t want you to know? Banks work with two different kinds of clientele, direct customers (which is you) and mortgage brokers. While direct customers may be

If you don’t have 18 years to wait before moving your family into a home, the best solution to that problem is to save aggressively. The more you can stash away from each pay check now, the fewer headaches you’ll have later. A heftier deposit means fewer repayments you’ll have to make with interest down

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Newsletter 7th August – Cash Rate, Refinance, Personal loans

Food for thought

Fixed Interest rates are a really good option if you want certainty with your mortgage repayments. Without looking into the crystal ball, I think that you would agree that with rates so low the more likely outcome in the future is up. Refinancing maybe an option for you to lock in your repayments and secure