The banking industry has made changes over the last decade to allow customers to swap and change lenders with little if any costs. It is for the most part a stress free and straightforward process for the customer to get a better deal to save money. Let’s face it, banks do not reward you for

What an honor it was to be invited to participate in the annual CANTEEN fund raiser and charity golf day.  The weather was nice and it was a great turn out at Nudgee Golf Club Brisbane. My wife and I traveled from Albion Park to attend this great event which has been running for years. 

Do you Like our new shirts?? We got these shirts designed specifically to attend a charity gold day that is close to our hearts.  Too many children and their families have to suffer going through cancer so every little bit helps towards a cure.

Congratulations to this happy family on the purchase of their investment property. A half hour meeting with me and I was able to organise their funds behind the scenes stress free giving them the time to focus on their beautiful baby girl.

Best Mortgage Broker in Albion Park

Most people find Mortgages boring. However, as boring as Mortgages might be to most, having access to someone to answer that mortgage related question that passes through your mind IMMEDIATELY is great. Right??? Questions like… Can I change lenders? Can I get a better rate? Can I borrow more? Can I pay less? Can I

Investment lending at your fingertips

Each week I hear from customers and enquirers about the idea of them using the equity in their home as a deposit on an investment property. In most cases, I am able to let them know if this is achievable for them. And so I thought I would ask you. Have you ever thought about

This is a great story. I had a young couple contact me and they wanted to buy their first home. He works full time and she is a casual school teacher waiting to be appointed to a school for full-time work. They wanted her parents to go guarantor because they didn’t quite have a full

A simple refinance could be an answer to all your financial problems.  If you thought a refinance was difficult and time consuming, it’s not.  The best part is a good mortgage broker will have it done for you with no stress or worry. Did you know that Home Loans are no longer a one size