Future home owners will have to think twice about ordering in on a Friday night as banks look to follow customers’ financial footprint in a bid to better assess their borrowing capacity. Big changes are afoot in the industry thanks to “open banking” — a yet-to-be-legislated scheme that will allow banks access to consumers’  financial

      If you are considering buying a house, you will likely need a home loan. If you already owe on previous advances, whether higher education debt, credit card debt, or personal loan debt, it could impact your home loan application. Australia has some of the highest household debt in the world. The average

  Finding the ideal home loan and the best way to pay it off can seem insurmountable alone. But with the help of an experienced broker, it’s much easier finding terms that will suit you. Read on for our guide on why and how to repay your home loan quickly. The most common home loans

Negative gearing – it may seem like investor mumbo jumbo, but it’s really quiet a simple concept to get your head around. More than that, it’s an important option in an investor’s toolkit when looking for a property to invest in. Gear yourself up for a lesson in the basics of this investment system! What

Getting ready to buy your first home is an exciting time. While saving for your deposit or wading through the intricacies of home loans can be a strain, it’s all worth it when you can finally start picking out your dream home. But with so many types of property on offer, what do you go

Best Places To Invest In Property

  Australia’s natural beauty, vibrant culture and outdoor pursuits make it the ideal destination to invest in a holiday home. A property that is not only an investment in your quality of life, renting it can be an income all of itself. So, where are the best Australian holiday spots to invest in property? The

  Looking to sell your property this year but unsure how to get the best price? Pre-sale renovations are a great way to make sure your property is snapped up for a better market value. So, what do you need to know to help maximise your investment without breaking the bank? 1. Don’t overspend Renovations

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Cash rate remains at historic low. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has kept the cash rate unchanged at a record-low 1.50% for the 18th consecutive month, continuing the longest run of inaction in almost 22 years. Governor Philip Lowe had this to say in his official statement: “Nationwide measures of housing prices are little